MDR and JHC at Milford

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    The Circuit is the pattern used to for aircraft to Take-Off and Land from an aerodrome. We will be using the circuit to practice Take-Offs & Landings, building solo time and regaining recency in an aircraft type. This section goes through everything that will be covered while in the circuit and introduce simulated emergencies. A circuit consists of Straight & Level, Climbing & Descending, Turns while Climbing & Descending, Slow Flying and Stalling but also includes radio calls and use of the check list in flight. In this section we will cover the following;

    Intro to Circuits

    Circuit Considerations

    Crosswind Circuits

    Engine Failures After Take-Off (EFATO)

    Flapless Approaches

    Glide Approaches

    Vacating & Joining

    Radio Failure

    Following the structure of the Student Flight record

    • Taxis
    • EoC
    • S&L
    • C&D
    • Basic Stalling
    • Slow Flight
    • Revision